About Titan Radio

Titan Radio is California State University, Fullerton’s official radio station. We host over 70 student and faculty on-air DJs per semester. Our staff has worked tirelessly since 2001 to mould Titan Radio into a creative outlet for a vast array of different people. Along with our 24/7 broadcast, we also host events, post online articles, and actively interact with our listeners through social media. Every semester we host a free concert called “No Stress Fest” with the purpose of soothing the anxieties of students before finals week Our primary focus is to offer the students of CSUF an opportunity to express themselves in new and exciting formats that best suit their passions.

If you would like to get involved, visit us in PLS-51, located in the southern basement of Pollak Library. Our station is open to the public. We also encourage you to follow our social media accounts (@titanradio) for all upcoming ticket giveaways, announcements, and events.

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dtfest 10.3.19 1-01