On February 24th, 36-year-old Jeremy Taylor and his dog Ally went missing in Oregon. To keep warm, Taylor would occasionally turn on the car’s heater. In his car, Taylor also had Taco Bell sauce and used the packets as food. Sheriffs in Deschutes County found them five days later in good condition, but very hungry. Taylor then took to Facebook to post “Thank you everyone, I’m safe…Taco Bell fire sauce saves lives”. Taco Bell then responded by sending Taylor a care package, a year’s supply of Taco Bell, and sauce packets of course.

Another life-saving incident now brings up an important question “Is Taco Bell sauce magical?”. A man was enjoying a meal at a Taco Bell in Florida when he suddenly got up to get more hot sauce. Seconds later, a car crashed through the restaurant window hitting the table where the man was sitting.

The car was driven by 77-year-old Emmanuel Akowuah who simply wanted to reverse out of a parking spot. Unbeknownst to Akowuah the car was put in drive and the car ended up jumping the curb going 10 feet inside the building. Akowuah’s wife was in the passenger seat, but luckily neither of them were injured in the crash. The restaurant suffered considerable damage, but it is still unclear whether or not Akowuah will face charges for the crash.

However, sometimes Taco Bell hot sauce can put people’s life in danger. In January a man approached a Taco Bell drive-through window and fired shots because he didn’t get the hot sauce he asked for. Just remember: Taco Bell can go from silly to serious really quickly.