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Recent COVID-19 Updates in California

By November 18, 2020No Comments

COVID-19 cases have been rapidly increasing in California for weeks. During the first week of November, new cases increased at a 20% faster rate than the third week of June, when the summer surge started. The California Department of Public Health updated the official total number of cases on November 13th, and it is at 998,502. More than 18,000 residents have died because of COVID-19 according to California Department of Public Health.

California will become the next state after Texas to reach over a million cases. During the past two weeks, the state had more than 5,800 cases per day on average, and the number of patients hospitalized with COVID-19 increased rapidly by 35%.

State Health and Human Services Secretary, Dr. Mark Ghaly, said that we are having another surge, and there is enough evidence to be worried. He mentioned that people should be responsible and avoid high-risk behaviors such as activities that you can’t keep a face mask on like eating or drinking. They should also avoid places or activities that they cannot remain socially distanced. In addition, the state recommends to avoid travel to keep your family safe even though Thanksgiving is coming soon. 

California demoted Sacramento and San Diego counties to the purple tier which has the strictest restrictions such as places like restaurants and gyms must close indoor activities. In restaurants in Sacramento, outside seating was practical; however, it will be less practical after temperatures drop in the 40s or colder in winter. Schools that have not already started planning to open their campus must stop their reopening plans. The situation changes rapidly in the state as COVID-19 is increasing, so we need to keep catching up on new updates to stay safe and save others.