While CSUF finishes the semester online, Titan Comms interns are writing first-person blog posts to document this unique experience.

Since I have had so much down time throughout these past few weeks, I find myself feeling completely useless. Besides having classes online, I don’t really have much going on. I have so much time in the day and days are going by so slow because I am stuck at home. 

For people like me, it is hard to spend all day, every day at home. I do enjoy relaxing , but I am not necessarily a homebody. I like to go out and socialize with friends. I’m the type of person that has to leave the house at least once a day, for the most part. Being here with nothing to really do has killed me and I know this social distancing is going to last for a while, so I need to start looking at the positive sides of being at home all day. What can I do? What can I learn? 

Well, if you are like me and completely tired of watching the same shows on Netflix, I’ll tell you some of the things I have been doing to keep busy and hopefully it’ll inspire you to try some new things. 

To be completely honest, I don’t know really know how to cook and that is something that I have always wanted to learn. I don’t mean making crazy complicated dishes, just some basic stuff that I can easily make or something different to spice up my lunch or dinner. I also have a really big sweet tooth, so I love trying any new desserts. I always complained that I didn’t have the time to really learn and well guess what, I have all the time in the world now!

I’ve been getting some super basic recipes off of videos I have seen on twitter and I will share one with you. This one is my personal favorite as of right now- strawberry cheesecake bites!

This is probably the easiest dessert to put together, but sounds like it’s complex, so you can definitely impress your friends with this one.

All you need are strawberries, powdered sugar, vanilla extract, graham crackers and some lightly whipped cream cheese from Trader Joe’s. The rest is super simple, even I was able to do it! You just cut off the top of the strawberries, then carve out the inside so they are hollow, but you don’t want the strawberry to be flimsy. You just mix the cream cheese with a little bit of powdered sugar, but you can add your desired amount depending on how sweet you want it to taste and then add a few drops of vanilla extract. Now for the graham crackers, you’re going to just put them in a zip lock bag and smash them up, so they look like crumbs. Now it’s time to put it all together! Add the cream cheese filling into the center of the strawberry and dip the top into the graham cracker crumbs. Let them sit in the refrigerator if you want them to be somewhat cold, then enjoy!

I have made this about 4 times so far because it is so good and so easy to make. I also think it would be a great dessert to take to dinner parties with friends or family!

Another thing I have been doing is trying to work out more since I am literally not getting any exercise at all because I don’t leave my house. I am someone who is really unmotivated to work out, but I keep telling myself that this is the most time I will ever have to work on myself and I shouldn’t waste it. To get motivated, I watch Youtube videos of workouts or I even see little mini workouts on Instagram. I know working out can be overwhelming because you don’t really know where to start, which is exactly what happened to me. I recommend having a routine and writing it down, so you can remember. Depending on how often you want to work out, you can have 3 different routines to start off with. After you get the hang of things, you can start switching out routines and start dedicating certain days to certain parts of your body, like legs or arms.

The last thing I have been doing to try and stay productive is learning more Spanish. I am not fluent yet, but I can understand and speak about 70% I would say. I was just always so busy, so I never had the time to sit down and brush up on my Spanish and learn more. If you aren’t fluent in a language and don’t keep up with practicing, I think it is definitely hard for it to stay in your memory. At the time when I was taking Spanish classes, I spoke a lot more than I do now. Once I stopped it kind of just slowly slipped away. So, if you ever wanted to learn a new language or refresh one that you might already know, I definitely recommend doing so while you have this time. Personally, I like to find shows in Spanish on Netflix that I find interesting so I know I will be intrigued and follow along. You can even put subtitles in Spanish for shows you are already watching or for movies. Another thing you can do is watch Youtube videos to help you learn the basics of a language and then go from there. I have also heard there are applications you can get on your phone to learn languages to, but I haven’t tried that yet. 

These are just a few of the things I have been doing to keep busy at home. If you have ever wanted to try something new or pick up a new hobby, I would definitely start now! It can also distract you from all the other things that are going on around the world. It is good to take breaks and just have time for yourself when you are not working or doing homework. Take care of yourself friends!