Honey Whiskey Trio performing “St. James Infirmary Blues” from an episode of Titan Radio Live!

Audio Remastered/Engineered – Woong Joo Kwon
Executive Producer/Director – Jeffrey Whitten
Producer – Hannah von Gremp
Production Specialist – Nathan Jeffers
Director of Photography – Javlin Baloca
Hosts – Hannah von Gremp & Nakeia Campbell
Cameras – Javlin Baloca, Jose Villegas, Nathan Jeffers, Richard Mortimer, Eli Shand
Chief Editor – Javlin Baloca
Assistant Editors – Raven Bennett-Burns & Richard Mortimer
Art Director & Studio Manager- Wendy Garcia
Audio Recordists – Jeffrey Whitten, Trevor Broadwater, Chelsey Sellona, Robert King
Production Manager – Eraj Shadaram

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Watch the latest episode of Titan Radio Live! featuring Honey Whiskey Trio, hosted by Hannah von Gremp & Nakeia Campbell. Watch Full Episode here: https://youtu.be/VBg2z3log0Y

Titan Radio Live! is an award-winning culmination of efforts from both Titan TV & Titan Radio. TRL! serves as a platform for up and coming artists in the Los Angeles and Orange Country Region to be heard on a larger scale.

We are always looking for local LA/OC bands! Submit to be on the show by applying via our online google form: https://goo.gl/forms/JR2Uiv6EGkaLg4zA2

Jeffrey Whitten

Jeffrey Whitten

Jeffrey Whitten is an award winning producer, director, and production coordinator from Long Beach, California. In 2008, he established Treadmark Studios, an independent production company that produces documentaries, music videos, and promotional videos. Since 2014, he has worked as production coordinator of Titan Communications, the on-campus television and radio station at Cal State University, Fullerton training the next generation of aspiring filmmakers and journalists in film, television, and music/sound production.