As a fourth-year senior, the Spring 2020 semester will be my last as an undergraduate here at CSUF. This semester also marks my seventh semester as a DJ at Titan Radio and my first as the Music and Programming intern at the station. Although I am interning for class credit (it’s a requirement to graduate for my Communications major), I thought ending my undergrad as an intern here at the station was the ideal situation.

My experience as a DJ and as a member of the Titan Radio community prompted me to apply for more than one position at the station, in hopes of landing a spot anywhere on the team. I have been a part of the Titan Radio community since my first semester as a freshman and I have thoroughly enjoyed all the events I have been to and have enjoyed meeting the diverse group of DJ’s and street team members that Titan Radio attracts.

In the four short weeks that I have been on staff, working for Titan Radio has lived up to my expectations. Initially, I thought that returning staff would give us new staff members a hard time. Due to my experience with other organizations on campus, I assumed there would be a “We’ve been here longer so we’re better” dynamic, but I was completely wrong.

They have welcomed the other interns and I with open arms. During my time here, I have never felt any judgement and I have never felt like anyone thought they were better than me.

Members of the Titan Radio staff treat everyone equally. Titan Radio is truly a family and provides a space for CSUF students to freely express themselves, as long as those opinions don’t hurt others. The exposure to different genres of music and to the different personalities has helped me grow as a person and as a fan of music.

Coming together to work with people who love music as much as you do is such a satisfying feeling and allows me to continue to grow up and grow out. Titan Radio forever.

-Julian Orozco, Titan Radio Intern