*This is an announcement posted on behalf of a Titan Communications organization! Have your own announcement? Email sharpj@csu.fullerton.edu*

Don’t have dinner plans? The Titan Radio – Raising Canes Fundraiser will be taking place on March 25th, 2019 at 2249 N Tustin St, Orange, CA 92865!

The fundraiser will be an all-day event, and a great chance for students, family, and friends to come and support CSUF’s official radio station. 15% of the proceeds will go directly into improving the radio station’s equipment, events, development opportunities, and community outreach.

This is a great chance to have a good time and eat some delicious fried chicken.

Titan Radio is all about inclusion, family and creative expression. We all have connected through our shared music tastes and grow closer each year. Titan Radio is committed to positively impacting our local communities and collaborating with businesses within the area to maximize our exposure. We want to stress that our end goal is to build valuable relationships with local businesses and give back to the students of CSUF.