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“The world is a book and those who do not travel only read one page.”

So go travel, go explore, adventure awaits you. If the idea of seeing a new place and meeting new people excites you, then you need to hop on a plane or get in a car as soon as possible. Pick a place, and go. If you’re completely lost for words or ideas as to where you want to go and you just graduated from Cal State Fullerton, then you’re in luck. Cal State Fullerton provides a Classic Europe Graduation Trip. The trip is from May 28th to June 8th. You would be visiting four countries in a matter of 12 days. You would visit England, France, Italy, and Vatican City.

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While visiting England, your stay would be London. On the first night, alongside other alumnis, you’ll embark in a London Pub crawl because what better way to celebrate you graduating. Once you’ve visited Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and the Piccadilly Circus, you’ll take a train travel through the “chunnel” which is below the English Channel, to Paris. During your stay in Paris you’ll be tour through iconic landmarks like the Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, and Place de la Concorde. You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy two free days in Paris with an included museum pass that grants you access to over 70 museums and monuments.

Once your stay in Paris is over, you’ll go on a high-speed train to Nice where you’ll be able to enjoy the beaches along the Mediterranean coastline. The art scene will leave you in awe as you pack your bags for your next stop, the French Riviera. The day is yours or you could join an excursion to Monaco. An optional activity available for you is an excursion to Monte Carlo and Cannes.


Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 4.30.03 PM   To continue the travels, you’ll hop onto another high-speed train to Rome where you’ll enjoy a pizza party. After indulging all the carbohydrates you can, you’ll take a trip across the Tiber river to the world’s smallest state, Vatican City. Your 11th day in Rome is entirely free and up to you to do whatever your heart desires. I would start saving money now to make sure you’re able to purchase some italian leather while shopping as well as buy all the gelato you can. At the end of the night, you’ll enjoy a pasta party, because carbohydrates are great, with the rest of the alumnis.

Sadly your trip will come to an end on Day 12, unless (yes there’s an unless), you add on to your trip, be courageous, and go to Greece. The optional Greece extension is 5 extra days of traveling. For three days, you’ll visit the Greek Island Center where you’ll be able to take part in plenty of water activities. At the end of your third night in Greece, you’ll enjoy a traditional toga party. During Day 16, you’ll have the opportunity to visit Athens, explore on your own, and wrap it up with a farewell taverna dinner. Sadly, your amazing travels will come to an end when you head home on Day 17. That doesn’t mean you as an individual should stop traveling, continue to grow and see as much as you can.

Hopefully by giving you this detailed explanation of how the trip of a lifetime will go, you’ll take it into deep consideration. For more details on prices and how to book your trip, you can visit the 2016 Classic Graduation Trip page. Celebrate the right way, go explore while you can! Finals are over, homework assignments no more, the time is now.