Tik Tok’s algorithm likes to separate us into different groups based off of what we like. I’m on what’s known as the book side of Tik Tok or commonly called, BookTok. Whether it’s a fantasy, romance, or thriller, there’s most likely a recommendation for you. But here’s the thing… it’s like if the same 5 books are constantly recommended. So, are they worth the hype? Let’s find out!


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Up first we have the extremely popular series, A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas. This three-book series follows mortal Feyre who gets taken into the faerie lands after murdering one. The world building takes up a good portion of the first few chapters, but once it gets going it doesn’t stop. While the first book is essential because it set everything up, it’s definitely my least favorite. Just thinking about how much happens between the first book and the third has me a bit stressed. But overall, this series is definitely worth the hype. My favorite literary trope is enemies to lovers and this series delivers. If you’re a fan of fantasy and romance this is definitely a series to pick up! The fourth book (A Court of Silver Flames) is out now. (5/5, I loved it.)

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Up next we have the equally popular series, Blood and Ash by Jennifer L. Armentrout. Blood and Ash is a two-book series that follows the Maiden, Poppy. Poppy has spent her life sheltered, never to be spoken to or looked at. She’s been told that the future of the kingdom rests on her shoulders. But a girl has wants and needs and when a cute new guard gets assigned to Poppy, he makes her question everything. This book 100% lived up to the hype. Another enemies to lovers that SO difficult to put down. With the third book coming out in April, this is a must-read! 

Now, switching gears to some stories that take place on Earth. 

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The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid has been highly recommended. And I’ve got to say, like the two mentioned above…this one is worth the read. This stand-alone is a historical fiction novel that tells the story of Evelyn Hugo and her seven husbands. Evelyn was an Old Hollywood star that decides to do one final interview. She shares her truth but in the process the journalist’s life changes. At first, I didn’t know what to expect with this book but the more I read, the slower I took it in because I wanted to understand the complex aspects of Evelyn’s life. Although she’s a fictional character, I felt Evelyn’s pain but also wanted to cheer her on. She’s has one of those stories that will stay with me for the rest of my life. 

Trigger Warnings: Domestic Abuse + Physical Violence 

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A more light-hearted book that seems to be on everyone’s TBR list is Sally Thorne’s The Hating Game. This is a classic enemies-to-lovers story that follows the story of Lucy and Joshua. Two co-workers that are sure they hate each other until suddenly they’re up for the same promotion. Lines get crossed, steamy dreams are had, and what if they don’t hate each other but really they’ve just liked each other all along? This book was one of the first that was introduced to me through BookTok and didn’t disappoint. Fun fact: this book is getting turned into a movie starring Lucy Hale and Austin Stowell. 

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Lastly, I have to share one of my favorite books of this year. The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V.E. Schwab. This story spans centuries and pulls you along for the ride. When Addie LaRue makes a deal to get more time, she ends up cursed to be forgotten by everyone she comes across. This book took me about a week to get through but by the time I was finished I was a puddle of tears. Addie’s story reminded me that we have to enjoy our lives. I won’t share too much because this is a spoiler-free zone, but this book deserves the hype it’s getting. 


So, there we have it. IMO: the 5 books that are constantly recommended on BookTok are actually worth the hype. Have you seen other books constantly recommended? What are your thoughts? Send me a message on IG: @stephaniejadem and let’s discuss!