Written & Photographed by: Yunuen Bonaparte
Illustrated by: Winifred Kwan
Designed by: Julie Edgington


Sebastian Gaetano, better known by his performer name, Araknido Sapiens, has enacted circus-type shows in the streets and on stage for nearly 20 years. Araknido seeks self identity within his character through “teatro propio,” or “personal theater,” and draws inspiration from his everyday experiences or “hechos cotidianos.” He then uses different tools to enhance his performance, such as monocycles, balls, or bowling pins.


Araknido, or “spider,” a nickname given to him in middle school, demonstrates a balancing act with a couple of small basketballs. He rarely does street performances because he’s more organized on stage and can put on a better show. “Toda la vida a sido artistico”, he says, “I’ve been artistic all my life.”


Este pais es un poco dificil,” Araknido says, “This country is a little challenging.” But this is all he’s ever wanted to do. He found freedom working in the streets – freedom to move, freedom to live. His whole life is based on ingenuity and a constant pursuit of the next act. He says he will continue to perform until the day he cannot. “El que entra al circo, nunca sale,” he says, “Once you join the circus, you never leave.”