While CSUF finishes the semester online, Titan Comms interns are writing first-person blog posts to document this unique experience.

If you’re anything like me, working from home sounds like a nightmare. Personally, I find it extremely hard to be productive at home. I mean, my bed is just a few feet away, I can grab a snack from the kitchen, I have Netflix and Hulu. Being home to me equals relaxing and unwinding- not a place I want to study and work hard. At all. Which is why you’ll always catch me hitting the books at a coffee shop or the library. 

So, now that we’ve been mandated to stay home, all of our classes are online, how do we make that transition? Luckily for you, I’ve curated a few tips to help us homebodies turn into busybodies. 


I’m on day six of self-quarantining and I’ve started to get the hang of it- a little. It’s so easy to sleep in, spend the day on the couch eating snacks but remember we’re still in school. Don’t slack off. View this as an opportunity to dedicate to your classes. Aim for A’s! 

I spent the first couple of days doing bits and pieces of homework with no game plan. It was super easy for me to slack off. I would do ten minutes of lecture, get bored, lay on my bed and scroll through Twitter for an hour. Ridiculous. I barely got anything done. However, sticking with a specific plan really helped me.

First, go over all of your syllabuses. Write down all of your due dates and divide up your week’s work in realistic time frames. If you have a planner, map your assignments out for the week. 

Second, create your schedule. You don’t want to make yourself go crazy and you also want to find a healthy balance between working and time for yourself. 

Here is an example of my schedule:

09:30 am- go for a run + workout for the day

10:30 am- shower, get ready for the day, eat breakfast

11:30 am- 05:00 pm- do homework, study, internship work 

05:00- 07:00 pm- have dinner/ prep for my new job

07:00- 09:00 pm- facetime with friends, yoga, read, watch a show/ do something relaxing + get ready for bed

My schedule is not super busy, I make time for my school work but also make time for myself plus my loved ones. Adjust your hours to your liking. 


Doing homework for almost seven hours a day during quarantine seems almost impossible, right? It was for me at first. But, then I started to implement intervals between my assignments. 

I set my alarm for one hour. During that one hour, I don’t check my phone, respond to text messages or anything distracting. I simply concentrate on my task at hand- for one hour.

Once my alarm goes off, I set my alarm for 15 minutes. I take a break from my schoolwork to check my emails, go on social media and when the timer goes off- it’s back to set my alarm to one hour again.

This really helps me stay on track of my homework and taking the breaks in between helps me stay sane. After I repeat this process three times, I take a 30 min break where I snack or eat lunch. Then repeat the process another three times until it’s 5 pm. 


I’m actually very grateful to be in school during this quarantine. Without my schoolwork, I’d probably be glued to my couch for a good portion of the day. Remember to get chunks of your work done but also remember to take care of yourself and to relax. 

You don’t have to force yourself to be productive at all hours of the day but you also want to make sure you’re not being unproductive either. Take this time to really recharge. Set goals you want to accomplish during this break and after. 

For myself, I’ve always wanted to incorporate working out into my schedule. Between school, interning and working, I’ve always found it hard to dedicate time to work out and cook meals at home.

Now, being stuck at home every day, taking online classes, working from home at my internship, and not working- there’s no better time to teach myself how to set time aside for myself. There are no more excuses.

So, whatever your goals may be, take this time to get started! Aim to finish this semester and quarantine strong!