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Who We Are

Administered by Titan Communications since 2017, Titan Universe is the central digital media hub for CSUF. We provide students with a living, learning classroom that offers an opportunity to work and learn about television, radio, and web broadcast production in a professional hands-on environment.We have a combination of unbiased news and opinion-based pieces designed to provoke thought. 

Whatever you are looking for, Titan Universe has it. Titan Universe was developed with university students and Orange County residents in mind. We deliver information about the university, local happenings, and important national issues in way that is accessible to all.

For more information, please contact us at titanuniversecsuf@gmail.com .

The Daily Titan, OC News, Tusk Magazine, Titan TV, Titan Radio, and Al Día are all independently run student organizations at Cal State Fullerton. All copyrights and trademarks appearing on the site are the
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What We Offer

We have stories for all interests, our categories include:


Looking for submission pieces, news about the border, or articles about specific cultures? This is the place for you. Here you can find Reports from the Border and our Student Life Section. Student Life is our way of having our students involved, if you want to submit a piece, email our Digital Content Coordinator, Madison at


News and Politics

The title says it all, this is your stop for what is going on in the country. Information about events, elections, government, and more will be found under this section. Articles and episodes can be posted from our shows: The Report, Al Día, and OC News.


What to know what is going on with Virtual Reality? Or what the new iPhone will feature? This section is for you! With information provided by our show, Tech On, you can stay up to date with what is happening in tech!


This includes articles and episodes from Titan Radio Live! and Titan Weekly. Here you will find information on local musicians as well as what is happening in Hollywood and Pop Culture.


Want to know what is happening with your favorite team? This section is for you. Includes information from our Sports Broadcasting Channel, Titan Sports.


This section is for all university news! It will include events, performances, university news, and