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Taco Bell – It Could Save Your Life

On February 24th, 36-year-old Jeremy Taylor and his dog Ally went missing in Oregon. To keep warm, Taylor would occasionally turn on the car’s heater. In his car, Taylor also had Taco Bell sauce and used the packets as food. Sheriffs in Deschutes County found them five days later in good condition, but very hungry. […]

Titan Sports: Walking It Off In Style

Welcome to Titan Sports where we recap and provide news about past, present, and future sport events at CSUF. We talk about baseball, softball and Snoop Dog? Catch our newest episode!

John Wayne Airport Name Change Faces Scrutiny

In 1979 The Orange County Airport located in Santa Ana, California was renamed John Wayne Airport to pay tribute to the one of the county’s most notable resident. Born in Iowa but raised in California, John Wayne made the Orange County city of Newport Beach his home. Born Marion Robert Morrison, he went on to […]

Opinion: PETA Should Learn From Recent Social Media Backlash

This is an opinion piece written by a contributor to The Titan Universe. It in no way represents the views of Titan Universe, Titian Communications, CSUF or its affiliates. To submit your own opinion piece, send submissions to We reserve the right to edit or refuse to publish any submissions. February 22nd would have […]

CSUF Mens Basketball Season Recap

Cal State Fullerton men’s basketball has three games remaining in their regular season conference schedule, and have a record of 9-4 in Big West Conference play after losing their most recent game at UC Santa Barbara, 82-67. The Titans are on track to be have the second best conference record, behind the UC Irvine Anteaters, and be the two […]

A history of excellence: Black Faculty at CSUF

February isn’t  just flowers and chocolates for Valentine’s Day – it is also Black History month. Cal State Fullerton has a long line of black excellence from past presidents to successful alumni. Starting in the 1980’s Jewel Plummer- Cobb, granddaughter of a freed slave, was the third president of CSUF. This made her the first […]

OC News | 12-12-18

On this special edition of OC New, we take a look at some stories that may be impacting the students here at Cal State Fullerton. We take a look at a father and son duo that have more in common than expected, the story of someone coming to terms with his sexuality, and a deeper look into someone struggling with depression. All this and more!

OC News | 12-10-18

On this special edition of OC News, we take a look at stories that may be impacting many of our students. From a profile on an international student athlete, to living with eating disorders, and the resources available to CSUF students who are victims of sexual assault. All this and much more!

OC News | 12-5-18

On this special edition of OC News, we take a look at some stories that are impacting many students at Cal State Fullerton. We take a look at how the marijuana industry is doing one year after legalization in California, the brave story of a young woman who beat cancer and is living her best life, and at some amazing coaches on staff at CSUF. All this and more!

OC News | 12-3-18

On this special edition of OC News, we take a look at some stories that are impacting the students at Cal State Fullerton. Find out the struggles one person had to go through on the road to self discovery, how our relationships with celebrities through social media are affecting us, and take a behind the scenes look at our very own president and his awesome rap video. All this and more!

OC News | 11-28-18

Rain is on its way in Southern California, which could lead to disastrous mudslides in the recent burn areas, a woman has been arrested in an alleged fight over ketchup in Santa Ana, an update on the construction happening at Cal State Fullerton, and Mission Inn lit up their Festival of Lights in Riverside to kick off the holiday season! All this and more!

OC News | 11-26-18

Paul Manafort has been found to have lied to the FBI and violating his plea agreement, NASA's "Insight" safely landed on the surface of Mars, a new Fortnite character has come into play, and Cyber Monday is in full swing! All this and more!

Al Día | 11-13-18

Al Dia is a television news program produced entirely in Spanish by the broadcast journalism students in the Department of Communications at California State University, Fullerton. Al Dia is produced and aired weekly during the fall and spring semesters.

OC News | 11-07-18

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has resigned, updates on the election results, the Girl Scouts are suing the Boy Scouts, and coverage of CSUF’s 11th Annual Pumpkin Launch. All this and more!

OC News | 11-05-18

Election Day is tomorrow and we take a look at some of the most popular races in the country, an Orange County Fire Captain has been killed by a suspected DUI driver, Rihanna says to stop the music, and the LA Rams fall short for the first time this season. All this and more!

OC News | 10-31-18

A student at CSUF was stabbed earlier today, President Trump says that he can issue an Executive Order banned birthright citizenship, coverage from the OC Japan Fair and Pumpkin Nights, and NASA’s amazing Jack-O-Lanterns! All this and more!

OC News | 10-29-18

The Pittsburgh Synagogue shooter made his first court appearance today, midterm elections are right around the corner, a famous rapper is unleashing a new clothing line, and two adorable penguins are now proud fathers! All this and more!

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