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Dancer breaks out of her shell and unfurls on stage. Written by: Maricela Gomez Photos by: Austin Henry Wallace Designed by: Julie Edgington “Ball of foot first, heel second.” “Ball of foot first, heel second.” The eight-count combination drilled inside my mind as a troupe of metal shoes tapped on the black vinyl floor behind […]


Cultural Extinction One’s tribe’s struggle for cultural survival. Written by: Veronica Felipe Photos by: Yunuen Bonaparte & Austin Henry Wallace Designed by: Nilayam Patel LA FORTUNA, COSTA RICA – Merlin Alvarez Elizondo walks barefoot across the dirt floor. He opens the door and looks at the wood and palm leaf thatched ceiling of a traditional […]

Araknido: Pura Risa

Written & Photographed by: Yunuen Bonaparte Illustrated by: Winifred Kwan Designed by: Julie Edgington Sebastian Gaetano, better known by his performer name, Araknido Sapiens, has enacted circus-type shows in the streets and on stage for nearly 20 years. Araknido seeks self identity within his character through “teatro propio,” or “personal theater,” and draws inspiration from […]

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