OC News | Starbucks

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P32o0rHMezM Several companies have responded to President Trump’s recent immigration ban. Some of these companies have included Starbucks and Twitter. Emily Kordys has the latest updates on the companies that…

OC News | AB 1887

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONN35MxXb2c California has established a new travel ban affecting travel to four states in the U.S. The new law known as AB-1887, prohibits state-funded travel to Kansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, and North…

OC News | Record High Admissions

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27kCTqgGFh8 The enrollment record at Cal State Fullerton is higher than ever before reaching 70,000 applications. Jessica Wagoner, Director of Admissions, explains why that number is so high and how the…

Daily Titan


This Theory of Mine

It is May of 2007, Lisa Guardado is taking her only daughter, Ava Guardado, to her 22-month check up with the pediatrician. Lisa knew early on that something was different about Ava. (more…)

Tropical Paradox

COSTA RICA — Ruth Angulo Chacón boils a pan filled with rice and pinto beans—gallo pinto, the traditional Costa Rican plate. She turns to wash a spoon in her closet-sized kitchen and gazes out the window. (more…)


Arts | Women’s Stories from the Margins

Barrio Writers & GCAC present a reading of the works of three nationally recognized women writers of color: Erika T. Wurth, Isabel Quintero and Sarah Rafael García. The authors are widely known for their feminist works and community…

Arts | Quadroon: Danielle Abrams

Danielle Abrams is a performance and video-based artist who grew up in Queens, New York, with her Jewish mother and African-American father. Abrams’ parents raised her with their “double vision” belief, one that allowed her to view…